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SAT & ACT Practice Tests

The Practice Tests included in our course workbook are an excellent way for students to reinforce strengths and identify weaknesses for both the SAT and ACT exam.


Regarding when to take a practice test, students may choose to take the practice test before, during, or after the course. Each one has its benefits.



During the course: The students gain motivation to do some extra practice and study. Sometimes students are so busy with their other responsibilities that a practice test part way through the course can help them refocus on their educational goals. The students are also reminded of problem areas and can ask the teachers questions since they will still be attending classes.


After the course: At this point, students must know their target score, or what score they need, for college admissions. This is what will show the students if they have worked hard enough in the course and if they are ready to take the real SAT. If the score isn’t high enough, students have all the instructional materials necessary to go back and do additional practice and study. Students are also welcome to retake the entire SAT Prep course, or even just the math or verbal section.


Take home practice test are included in our courses.

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