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Content, the SAT Exam


SAT vocabulary words will more closely align with those used in college courses, instead of more obscure and esoteric terms.

Every exam will have a reading passage containing an excerpt from either one of the nation's "founding documents" or a text from the "ongoing great global conversation about freedom, justice, and human dignity."

Every exam will include source documents from a broad range of disciplines in the reading and writing sections, i.e. science and social studies.

The math portion of the test will focus on three main areas:

1) Linear equations

2) Complex equations or functions

3) Ratios, percentages and proportional reasoning


Instead of receiving an open-ended prompt like the current SAT, test-takers will read a passage before analyzing it in the form of an essay for the optional essay portion of the exam.

SAT Exam Scoring


• Total exam score will range from 400-1600

• Evidence-based reading and writing section: 200-800 point scale

• Math section: 200-800 point scale

• Students will no longer be penalized for incorrect answers

• The essay will be a separate score, and will be optional

The ACT is comprised of 4 tests of which are all multiple choice.  They are broken down to English, reading, mathematics and science.  There is also an optional writing test. 45 minutes is given in the English section to complete 75 questions which will measure standard written English as well as rhetorical skills.  35 minutes is allocated to the Reading section where 40 questions tests reading comprehension. The Math section will take up 60 minutes and involves 60 questions which will test math proficiency which students have acquired up to the beginning of 12th grade.  Finally, the science portion of the test covers a student’s ability to interpret, evaluate and reason through a problem.  This section has 40 questions and students are given 35 minutes to test their problem-solving skills which are needed in natural sciences.

ACT Exam Scoring


ACT is scored by totaling the number of correct answers and converting that raw score to scale scores; no points are deducted for incorrect answers.  The composite score for each test area range from 1 to 36 where 36 being the highest possible score.  The composite score is calculated by taking the average of your 4 test scores and then rounding it to the nearest whole number.  The average ACT composite score is 20 to 21.

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